1) Let’s face it. Most people would rather binge Netflix than do their physical therapy. Lost Tides helps you re-prioritize your health in the same way you do your entertainment so you’re more likely to follow through and be consistent.

2) Games are a powerhouse of psychology. The feedback loops in games expertly activate the reward center of our brains, triggering the release of dopamine, which then causes us to subconsciously seek out and repeat the behavior that led to the dopamine release. It’s a bit like mind control, except we’re using our powers for good.

In Lost Tides, the real-world activities that you need to do to get better are directly tied to your success in the game.

Stay consistent with your medical providers’ at-home treatment plan to maintain activity streaks and unlock bonuses.

Import your real-world steps from your phone or fitness tracker. Then convert them to wind to move your ship forward.

The healthier you (and your crew) get in the real world, the more Crew Points you’ll have to spend at in-game encounters.

Download for iOS or Android to start your voyage and get better faster.