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Use Lost Tides to assist your recovery and earn a $50 Amazon gift card.*

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Recovering from an injury is tough. That’s why we’re excited to include Lost Tides, the revolutionary at-home injury recovery game designed to help you recover faster, as part of your MetLife coverage.

MetLife members who use Lost Tides to assist their recovery for as little as one-week are eligible to receive a $50 Amazon gift card. See details below.*

A game that helps you recover from injury?

Whether you typically play games on your phone or not, Lost Tides can help you stay more consistent with your at-home treatment in just 3 minutes per day.

Lost Tides is a game that’s driven by the real-world actions that are crucial to injury recovery. According to doctors, being mobile and staying consistent with your at-home treatment are the two most important things you can do to speed your recovery. That’s why they’re the focus of Lost Tides.

Get support during your recovery

Create your character and (optionally) invite up to 4 friends and family to join your ship’s crew. Their real-world steps generate Crew Points, which you deploy as the captain to take action at obstacles and encounters.

Track your recovery progress

Tell the ship medic how much of your at-home treatment you’re able to do and if you’re feeling better (or worse) than the previous day, then track your progress in weekly recaps.

Completing your at-home treatment unlocks daily adventures

Reach your mobility and at-home treatment goals to unlock daily adventures and progress in the ongoing story.

Get started by downloading the Lost Tides app and entering your personalized access code .

Watch Lost Tides in action in this brief video overview

Download for iOS or Android and enter your personalized access code to start your voyage and get better faster.


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*Amazon Gift Card Trial Offer

By participating in the Lost Tides program you are eligible to receive a $50 Amazon gift card. The gift card is a reward for using the program and is not connected to any other aspect of your benefits or recovery.

You will receive your gift card upon completion of the Lost Tides program, defined as follows:

1. Completing all 12 chapters of Lost Tides, reaching the end of the story and “sailing home.”


2. Returning to work having completed at least one chapter of Lost Tides.

Upon completion of the program you will be sent a short participant survey. Complete this helpful survey to claim your $50 Amazon gift card.